Benefits of a Healthy Exhaust System

Having a healthy exhaust system provides many benefits, such as:

To maintain energy performance and fuel efficiency

helps to keep the engine noise at a minimum

Turns any dangerous chemicals from exhaust fumes into non-harmful ones.

Exhaust Manifold Common Problems

Exhaust manifolds are easily prone to damage from a few different ways.

Firstly, exposure to cycles of extreme pressure, and heat. This leads to the exhaust manifold being so worn out, that it can no longer withstand the heat. When this happens, cracks start to form on the manifold. Over time, these cracks can then turn into small holes which is enough to cause a total failure.

Secondly, the exhaust system hangers or mountings may break. This leads to the exhaust manifold experiencing extra pressure, which it has not been designed to withhold.

Oxygen Sensor Common Problems

Over time, as oxygen sensors become worn, they will give less accurate measurements.

Luckily, any modern vehicle has an alert on the dashboard to notify you anytime a sensor malfunctions.

It’s wise to replace faulty oxygen sensors as soon as you notice a problem. They are vital for fuel economy, and if not working correctly, can lead to a considerable amount of money due to extra petrol costs.

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