What Are Headers?

Headers are an alternative to a ‘traditional’ exhaust manifold. Something which hot-rod enthusiasts are likely familiar with. Headers will also collect any exhaust gases from each cylinder, into one tube. But, tubes for headers are a lot longer than they would be for an exhaust manifest. This increases performance by reducing the pressure needed to force any exhaust gas through the system.

What Is A Cat-Back Exhaust?

‘Cat-Back Exhaust’ is a term regularly used by car-loving enthusiasts. But what exactly does it mean? It’s not used to describe a particular type of exhaust system, but more to refer to where you are making changes in your system.

A cat-back exhaust means that all the parts of the exhaust system behind your catalytic converter have been upgraded. In other words, from the ‘cat’ back.

Is a Turbocharger Part of the Exhaust System?

The simple answer is ‘kind of.’ A turbocharger can be thought of as a single fan.This fan has a dual set of blades. The blades are like two small wheels, which are separated by an extremely short axle.

One of the sets of blades is combined into the flow of exhaust gas which comes from the engine. These blades spin faster as the exhaust gas increases.

As the set of blades is connected to the other set of fan blades, it causes them to spin as well. But, the second set of fan blades forms part of the intake system, which sucks in more fresh air. This allows the engine cylinders to create more power.

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