Wastegate Blanket

Hiwowsport Wastegate Blankets are designed to help minimize the heat soak transfer between the main body and actuator body of the wastegate. In doing so, we can help alleviate actuator diaphragm stress while in use, especially under extreme loads, due to extreme heat and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Results will be a more stable operation of the wastegate valve allowing consistent performance of the turbocharger. Another key benefit of the PTP Wastegate Blanket is to protect any nearby lines or components from the heat on the main body of the wastegate.

The Wastegate Blankets are constructed with an outer layer made from pulverized volcanic lava rock (Rated 1800°F Direct Heat / 2500°F Radiant Heat) formed into fabric and woven into a tight mesh weave. These wastegate blankets are internally insulated with high temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool (Rated 1832°F Continuous / 2300°F Peak) overlaid with a high temperature stainless steel mesh for increased durability and improved thermal resistance. The Lava Wastegate Blankets are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield

Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield to Stop 70% of Heat

This heat shield insulation material is easier to install than exhaust wrap, it also reduces more heat from your exhaust pipes and components. Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield which can stop exhaust heat up to 70 percent and it is much easier to install.

Rugged Insulation Material

The outer armor of Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield is resistant to the elements is a 4 mil this aluminum, giving the exhaust heat shield a long life. We our exclusive BioCool insulation material as the inner pad, bonded to a heavy-duty foil outer layer using a proprietary process. This makes it capable of withstanding  980 Celsius, which allows this heatshield to be placed directly on exhaust systems, turbo manifolds, downpipes and diesel particulate filters . Because this heat shield installs directly on the exhaust system components, it performs better than the clamp-on standoff heatshields that allow heat to escape because they are set above the pipe and not directly insulating it.

Superior Performance

Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield also offer superior performance over an all metal exhaust heat shield. The all metal heat shields have conduction with one hot side and one cold side: With Heatshield Armor, there is no metal-to-metal contact layer it uses a thermal break to create real cold side on this heat shield.

Safe – No Harsh Fibers

BioCool is a non-caustic, non-flammable bio-soluble silica thermal insulation material. It does not cause itching and won’t smoke or smell the first time it is heat-cycled. This exhaust heat shield material is flexible, easy to cut (you can use a pair of heavy-duty scissors) and may be cleaned after installation.



Unlike fiberglass and basalt exhaust wraps (which should have an  operating temperature of 1200F); Their header wrap is made from silica filament yarn this makes this header wrap strong and flexible while operating at its designed operating temperature of 2000F continuous and 3000F intermittent.


hiwowsport header wrap will sustain the extreme temperatures that your glowing pipes from turbo, down pipe, header, manifold or racing applications require. Simply put there is not a header or exhaust insulating wrap on the market that will take higher temperatures and last longer. You can actually wrap the header with hiwowsport  Wrap, run it, heat it up, and then unwrap Their hiwowsport Wrap from the header when needed. Fasten header wrap with Thermal-Tie, hose clamps, or wire.