The construction and working principle of the differential

What is the differential made of? Ordinary differentials are composed of planet gear teeth, planet carrier (differential housing), side gears and other parts. It is normal to be confused, because he is indeed a relatively complex institution.

Just remember that when there is no speed difference between the left and right wheels, the planetary gear in the differential does not rotate, it rotates synchronously with the left and right half shafts as a whole. When the vehicle turns or the left and right wheels have different speeds, the planetary gears in the differential also start to rotate, absorbing the speed difference generated by the left and right wheels.

Torson Limited Slip Differential

The torson limited slip differential is the ultimate performance differential. Combine a well balanced suspension package on your Mustang with a torson limited slip differential for incredible traction! The torson limited slip differential’s unique torque-sensing ability keeps engine power going to the ground during changing traction conditions. The torson limited slip differential functions as an open differential as long as the amount of torque transmitted to each rear wheel remains equal. When one tire begins to lose traction, the torson limited slip differential instantly senses the change in torque being applied to the ground. The excess torque that cannot be delivered to the ground by the tire that is beginning to lose traction is delivered to the opposite tire, which has better traction and can take more torque.

The Torque Bias Ratio (TBR) is the ratio indicating how much more torque the torson limited slip differential can send to the tire with more available traction, than is used by the tire with less traction. This ratio represents the “locking effect” of the differential.

The 4:1 TBR of the torson limited slip differential T-2R means that this differential is capable of delivering up to four times as much torque to the tire with better traction than is delivered to the tire with the least available traction. By comparison, the torson limited slip differential T-2R can deliver about 2.5 times as much torque to both rear tires, collectively, as an open differential can, given the same conditions.

During braking there is little or no torque being conveyed to the differential, and so there is little or no torque difference between the two rear tires. Therefore, the torson limited slip differential will not support any appreciable torque “wind-up” between the two rear tires during braking. Because of this, the torson limited slip differential does not interfere with the functioning of anti-lock brake systems.

The clutch plates of the Mustang’s stock Traction-Lock differential wear out, requiring periodic replacement to maintain its functionality. This wear causes axle endplay on a solid axle car, which in turn increases brake pad kickback. Axle endplay does not increase over time with a torson limited slip differential because it does not have clutch plates to wear out. This makes the torson limited slip differential ideal for use with fixed-mount brake calipers.

While it is ideal for street use, autocrossing, and road racing, the torson limited slip differential is not recommended for drag strip use. The torson limited slip differentials fit Mustang 8.8″ rear-ends, both solid axle and IRS, and are available in 28 spline and 31 spline versions.

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What is a car differential for?

A car is made up of many parts. You may be familiar with the engine, gearbox, suspension, tires, etc., but there is a small part necessary for the transmission system of the car, which you may not know very well, and that is the differential speed. device. Although the differential is not often mentioned, its importance is no less than the engine.

What is the function of a car differential?

Why do cars need a differential? We can give a common example: A is installed with a differential and B is not installed. Two people A and B are running side by side. When they are on a straight road, the speed is the same, but when going through a curve, classmate A on the outside of the curve is bound to Run faster than classmate B on the inside, so that you can keep the row and turn in a consistent manner.

The same is true for a car. When the vehicle turns a corner, the outer wheel must turn faster than the inner wheel to achieve the turn. In this way, the left and right wheels will have a speed difference, and the role of the differential is to absorb the left and right wheels. The resulting speed difference.

The logic of car power transmission is: engine-gearbox-differential-left and right half shafts-left and right wheels, if there is no differential, the left and right wheels are equivalent to being fixed on the same shaft, and the two wheels have the same speed, then If the wheel is forced to turn, the wheels will definitely roll on one side and the other side will slip, and this situation will also cause resistance to cause the vehicle to become extremely unsmooth when turning, or even impossible to turn.

Features of a limited slip differential

1. Traction performance comparable to diff lock

When L. S. D is activated, the left and right wheels are in a direct connection state. “Hiwow LSD”is a revolutionary 4-wheel drive mechanical LSD that demonstrates the optimum locking power for the stage from off road to general roads.

2. Ruu smoothly on road

Since the lock mechanism does not operate up to the set torque value, “Hiwow LSD” can enjoy comfortable driving of the open differential on a road surface with good grip such as asphalt. Moreover, the transition of the lock ⇔ open is extremely smooth.

3. straight runningstability at high speed

Because the frontal projection area is large and the center of gravity is high, the cross-car 4WD car tends to become unstable due to the influence of the crosswind and ruts while driving at high speed. “Hiwow LSD” minimizes the influence of them by locking the rotational difference between the left and right during acceleration.

4. Amazing durability

Special specifications for 4WD, such as increased number of friction plates and high-strength high carbon steel differential case. In addition, the locking operation is combined with smooth operation to achieve amazing durability.

5. Professional off-road racing driver Impressions

When a general mechanical LSD was mounted on the front, steering operability was sacrificed in exchange for traction, so it was not actively mounted. However, while securing overwhelming traction, “Hiwow LSD” has almost no sense of discomfort in the steering operation. The same is true for the rear differential, and even if the steering is largely cut in a place like a parking lot, there is no unpleasant operation noise or a sense of drag unless a rough accelerator work is done. It is appreciated that the so-called “active LSD” and common sense “permanence” in general use is almost gone.

6. Test driving impression

Test vehicle: Land Cruiser 80 4Lo Driving / Conditions: U-turn to a relatively flat moglucose at a sharp angle

A: Front and rear open differential
Even though I took the line correctly, my tires got stuck and stuck. To clear, you have to accelerate and gain momentum.

B: Front and rear “Hiwow LSD”
There is no wrinkle in steering and it clears without being stuck. I drove to stack, but did not reach the stack. I feel as if my arms have risen.

C: Front and rear differential lock
It showed a stable run because it took traction in the whole area, but the steering became extremely heavy, and the target line was not taken, and the turnaround increased.

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