What is a hump hose? What does the hump hose do?

Designed for the durability and performance of custom turbo intake systems, the Hump Hose is known for its large center diameter, which is designed to allow the center section to absorb movement and vibration. It features 4 layers of reinforced silicone rubber making this hose tough, reliable and flexible in temperatures from -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +356°F), the hump hose is designed to connect two 2 intake tubes, fine-tuned when building the intake, these hoses can be bent up to 20 degrees for slight bends, they also compensate for slight misalignment of the tubes and can be used to attach the intake tube to the engine body for custom compression engine, air metering assembly, and turbocharger inlet/outlet, while adding a flexible joint to isolate engine vibration. They are used in automobiles, recreational vehicles, marine and many other applications that use engines.

Hiwowsport offers hump hose in standard lengths as well as multiple humps required by customers, we have over 48 different mandrels for the production of hump hoses from 2.00″ to 4.0″. We can produce custom size hoses with short lead times. Our hoses are silicone reinforced with polyester fabrics that exceed SAE J20 R1 specifications. For custom sizes, we can even test to determine the final specifications and characteristics for your end use. In addition to hump hoses, we can also manufacture charge air cooler hoses, vacuum hoses, transition hoses, elbows and custom shaped hoses.

Thanks to silicone’s exceptional flexibility and elasticity, and thanks to its excellent temperature range, Hiwowsport Rubber & Plastics has everything you need when your customers need quality produced, blow-resistant hump hoses. We can also apply custom logos and markings, and our hump hoses are available in gloss or matte finishes in black, blue and red.

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