What is a car differential for?

A car is made up of many parts. You may be familiar with the engine, gearbox, suspension, tires, etc., but there is a small part necessary for the transmission system of the car, which you may not know very well, and that is the differential speed. device. Although the differential is not often mentioned, its importance is no less than the engine.

What is the function of a car differential?

Why do cars need a differential? We can give a common example: A is installed with a differential and B is not installed. Two people A and B are running side by side. When they are on a straight road, the speed is the same, but when going through a curve, classmate A on the outside of the curve is bound to Run faster than classmate B on the inside, so that you can keep the row and turn in a consistent manner.

The same is true for a car. When the vehicle turns a corner, the outer wheel must turn faster than the inner wheel to achieve the turn. In this way, the left and right wheels will have a speed difference, and the role of the differential is to absorb the left and right wheels. The resulting speed difference.

The logic of car power transmission is: engine-gearbox-differential-left and right half shafts-left and right wheels, if there is no differential, the left and right wheels are equivalent to being fixed on the same shaft, and the two wheels have the same speed, then If the wheel is forced to turn, the wheels will definitely roll on one side and the other side will slip, and this situation will also cause resistance to cause the vehicle to become extremely unsmooth when turning, or even impossible to turn.