The automobile exhaust system

The automobile exhaust system is mainly used to discharge the exhaust gas from the engine operation, while reducing the exhaust gas pollution and noise. The automobile exhaust system is mainly used for light vehicles, minicars, buses, motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

Automobile exhaust system refers to the system that collects and emits exhaust gas, which is generally composed of exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, exhaust temperature sensor, automobile muffler and exhaust tailpipe.

Exhaust manifold

To start its journey the exhaust gas first passes through the exhaust manifold or if you have a performance exhaust, an exhaust header or extractor system. Performance exhaust systems are less restrictive and create a better exhaust flow to remove exhaust gas more quickly. This creates better engine performance resulting in an increase of engine power.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Another unit you find on a diesel exhaust system is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system or commonly called EGR. It is designed to decrease harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissons and reduce the likely hood of detonation due to high combustion temperatures. The higher the combustion temperature the more NOx is produced. It cools some exhaust gas (using water) and bleeds the gas back into the intake manifold. This reduces the intake mix and cools the combustion temperature.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

A unit you find on diesel exhaust system is a Diesel Particulate Filter or commonly called DPF. This exhaust component is similar to a catalytic converter as it is needed to reduce exhaust emissions. It filters out particulate matter soot from the exhaust.

Common Problems with the Exhaust System

The exhaust system is bound to run into some common problems over time.

You can usually tell if there is a problem with your exhaust system, as there are some clear warning signs which include:

The exhaust drags on the ground or rattles

There are louder than usual exhaust sounds

There is an unusual smell coming from the exhaust

Rust Damage

The most frequent way an exhaust is damaged or has wear and tear is due to rust, which can cause many different problems. If the rust problem is severe, it may even lead to structural damage or cause a complete exhaust failure.

In the most extreme cases, an exhaust pipe can be so damaged or corroded that it will come loose, and drag on the road as you drive.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should take your vehicle to the closest auto mechanic ASAP. If your vehicle is not safe to drive, then call the RACQ for roadside assistance.

Be careful not to inhale any fumes from the exhaust, as these may be


What about if you hear a rattling sound under your vehicle?  This usually means that there is something which has come loose. Generally, it is a bracket, piece of the exhaust pipe, or a heat shield.

If this is the case, then you should have your exhaust system serviced ASAP. Missing brackets or loose exhaust parts can end up damaging other more expensive pieces by adding extra stress to the structure of the exhaust system.

To DIY fix this kind of damage, there is a variety of exhaust mounting kits available.

Exhaust Fact: Going on many short journeys in your vehicle can lead to accelerated exhaust erosion. After you go on a short drive, the water vapour cools. Then it turns back into a liquid. This causes a higher chance than usual of rust formation in your exhaust.

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Benefits of a Healthy Exhaust System

Having a healthy exhaust system provides many benefits, such as:

To maintain energy performance and fuel efficiency

helps to keep the engine noise at a minimum

Turns any dangerous chemicals from exhaust fumes into non-harmful ones.

Exhaust Manifold Common Problems

Exhaust manifolds are easily prone to damage from a few different ways.

Firstly, exposure to cycles of extreme pressure, and heat. This leads to the exhaust manifold being so worn out, that it can no longer withstand the heat. When this happens, cracks start to form on the manifold. Over time, these cracks can then turn into small holes which is enough to cause a total failure.

Secondly, the exhaust system hangers or mountings may break. This leads to the exhaust manifold experiencing extra pressure, which it has not been designed to withhold.

Oxygen Sensor Common Problems

Over time, as oxygen sensors become worn, they will give less accurate measurements.

Luckily, any modern vehicle has an alert on the dashboard to notify you anytime a sensor malfunctions.

It’s wise to replace faulty oxygen sensors as soon as you notice a problem. They are vital for fuel economy, and if not working correctly, can lead to a considerable amount of money due to extra petrol costs.