What Are Exhaust Wraps?

Keeping more heat inside your exhaust system has multiple benefits. It increases exhaust system efficiency, reduces under-hood and under-car heat, significantly reduces the amount of heat components near the exhaust system are exposed to, and helps to reduce the risk of severely burning yourself on a hot exhaust pipe when working on your vehicle.

Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap is one of the best ways to keep more heat in your exhaust system, especially when it comes to insulating exhaust header and manifold pipes.hiwowsport has spent decades developing and evolving the best and most durable exhaust wraps available to insulate pipes and reduce the amount of heat they radiate.

·Titanium wrap designed to be stronger and more durable than most wraps for improved thermal performance and reliability
·Withstands 300°F direct heat and 2500°F intermittent heat
·Promotes flow, improves performance; reduces thermal and vibrational decomposition
·Very flexible, tight and secure wrap
·Highly resistant to wear, oil spills, thermal and vibration decomposition
·Suitable type: Universal

Precautions for using Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap

Catalytic Convertors: Wrapping of the catalytic converter is not recommended, as overheating can lead to reduced lifetime of the converter.

Removal: Exhaust wrap is not designed to be moved or removed after it has been heat cycled. After the fibers have been heated, they lose their initial flexibility. This does not reduce the thermal properties of the exhaust wrap. Be aware of this before you decide to remove the wrap. For this reason, you should avoid wrapping any flex-pipes or flex-joints.

Titanium Exhaust Pipe Systems: hiwowsport does NOT recommend wrapping exhausts made of titanium. The alloys used in the production of titanium exhaust systems tend to be thin and are designed to dissipate heat quickly. Wrapping any titanium exhaust pipe, regardless of brand, can hold in too much heat, and make the titanium alloy turn brittle and prone to premature cracking. If you are seeking to reduce the heat on a titanium exhaust system, hiwowsport recommends using alternatives such as our flexible heat shields.

Color Fade: While the performance and properties of Black Titanium wrap does not deteriorate, the black color will fade over time and with use. It will fade faster in higher heat applications such as during racing and on turbo manifolds. If it does fade, it will fade to the color of the Original Titanium wrap.