Everyone knows that LSD is an indispensable kit for all kinds of racing cars, and also knows that its working hours are divided into 1 Way, 1.5 Way and 2 Way, but do you know why LSD is divided into these three types? How does each work?

This kind of mechanical LSD, which is widely used in modification and competition, can be divided into one-way 1-way and two-way 2-way according to different working times. The so-called one-way and two-way refers to the time of the LSD action. Only when the accelerator is opened and the left and right wheels produce slip, the limited-slip effect is 1 Way (one-way LSD); regardless of whether the accelerator is on or off, as long as The left and right drive tires that can generate slippage are continuously locked, which is called 2way (two-way LSD); and when the accelerator is opened, if it can have a half effect in the closed state, it is called 1.5 Way LSD (two-way LSD). .

In addition to the working timing, LSD can also be divided into different types of locking rates. The higher the angle of the cam hole, the higher the locking rate. The locking rate can be from 15 degrees to 65 degrees. The higher the value, the more suitable for racing cars, such as drift cars. A setting of 15~35 degrees is better.

As for how to distinguish the working characteristics of the limited slip differential, it can be identified from the shape of the cam hole on the pressure ring. The shape of the 1Way cam hole on the deceleration side is flat, and the 1.5 Way cam hole is slightly angled, but compared with the acceleration side. It is still slightly smooth, and the angle of the acceleration and deceleration side of 2Way is the same. Because the limited-slip force of the limited-slip differential has a direct relationship with the opening width of the cam top-opening pressure ring (the tighter the clutch plate is, the stronger the force), so the 1Way cam can only be pushed up during acceleration. Open the pressure loop, so it only works during acceleration; although the 1.5 Way can also open the pressure loop during deceleration, but because the angle is smaller than the acceleration side, the force is also smaller; as for the 2Way, the acceleration and deceleration side angles are the same, so The force during acceleration and deceleration is also the same. That is to say, because the working characteristics of LSD are determined by the design angle of the cam hole, the workability of mechanical LSD can be changed. One-way and two-way adjustment is a very thoughtful design.