Exhaust Pipes

Each of the exhaust components mentioned above have one thing in common. They are linked by exhaust pipes. The function is to direct gas through all the parts of the car exhaust system, before the gas exits from the tailpipes at the end of the exhaust.

What Is An Exhaust Resonator?

There are some mufflers which have been designed to tune the engine to sound a certain way, much to the appeal of their drivers. A famous example is the in-your-face roar of a V8 engine. Its distinct sound comes from the design of the muffler.

Some cars also have separate exhaust resonators, to take exhaust noise to the next level. These resonators are in the exhaust system, toward the front of the muffler.

Keep in mind that an exhaust resonator isn’t designed to reduce the volume of the exhaust. Instead, it cancels out and removes any ‘annoying’ frequencies, while keeping the ‘good’ ones for drivers to enjoy at full volume.

What Are Exhaust Tips?

Exhaust tips are hardware which is at the end of the exhaust system. It is connected to the muffler’s outlet. Usually, it is a straight pipe for many cars. It’s also possible to add separate exhaust tips. They will improve the sound, look and even the performance of your car.

What Is A Dual Exhaust?

Now that we’ve covered exhaust tips, what is the difference between them and dual exhaust? Many ‘sporty’ vehicles have dual exhaust tips. They are part of a single exhaust system.

The extra tips only provide a benefit between the short distance of the actual exhaust outlets and the muffler.

But, what about a dual exhaust system? Instead of one exhaust system, it will have two independent exhaust systems.

In a standard V8 or V6 dual exhaust system, each bank of cylinders will have its own exhaust system. This leads to the engine not having to push gases from all eight or six cylinders through one exhaust pipe and into a single muffler.

Because of this, the engine wastes less power. Which means there is more power available to increase performance.

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