Extreme Stainless Steel Heat Shield is different from other thermal insulation product

Because it is so efficient at keeping more heat in the exhaust system, if you were to fully insulate and exhaust pipe with Heatshield Armor, it would contain so much extra heat most exhaust pipes would surpass the thermal limit of their steel alloy. This causes the pipe to start degrading and rusting, eventually ending in failure with the pipe basically dissolving into a powder of rust particles. This is why you often see cheap exhaust headers and exhaust pipes start rusting and coming apart after a short time because the steel alloy they’re made from doesn’t have a high enough heat rating to withstand the extra heat exhaust insulation contains in the pipe.

-21″ * 24″ Part NO.HHSS2124
-42″ * 24″ Part NO.HHSS4224
-59″ * 24″ Part NO.HHSS5924

Features & Benefits:
-Dimpled stainless steel face
-The product is suitable for operating at temperatures up to 980°C
-Use as barrier to reflect and insulate from any heat source
-Hi-temp adhesive for easy installation
-Stainless steel side should face the heat
-Only 6mm thick
-Backing: Adhesive

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