Product information and uses of Gold Heat Reflective Wrap

Part No.                   Size:

GT-010-15: 1” x 15′ Roll(25.4mm*4.5m)

GT-020-15: 2” x 15′ Roll(50.2mm*4.5m)

GT-020-30: 2” x 30′ Roll  (50.2mm*9m)

GT-020-020: 20” x 20” Piece (502mm*502mm)

This blanket can be also customed for your own size and has a very wide range of USES. For example, it can protect the Subaru Racing Levorg’s fuel tank, cockpit, exhaust tunnel and intake pipework to insulate from convectional heat transfer and reflect away radiant heat. Other uses include, swirl pot insulation, master cylinder insulation, or ECU/Electronics insulation. Unlike traditional Gold Heat Tape, the gold heat wrap blanket provides the best of both worlds with insulation and the gold to reflect additional heat away.

Reflective gold surface will reflect away 80% of all radient heat, whilst the woven insulation polymer beneath will protect from the convectional heat transfer. These blankets are designed to protect the components beneath from harmful liquids and debris. Some uses include: exhaust manifolds, bulkheads, radiator heat shielding,etc.


Temperature Resistance: 260℃ (500℉)

Custom Color Accepted: Black, Blue, Red, Silver,etc (Different Temperature Resistance)

Custom Packaging Accepted: Please Contact For Detail Price

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