The difference between a mechanical torque limited slip differential and a Torsen differential

The mechanical limited slip differential (lsd) can have the same effect as the Torsen differential, and it is more widely used. l There are quite a lot of models and the price difference is also big, which can be found on the Internet. One disadvantage of the Torsen differential is that it cannot be 100% locked, only about 80% of the torque can be locked at a maximum.

“Mechanical limited-slip differential” is only to distinguish the assembly of electronic limited-slip differential. This limited-slip differential does not require the intervention of electronic equipment, and works entirely on mechanical principles, so the response speed and reliability are Better than an electronic limited-slip differential.

Torsen differential (torsendifferential), also known as Torsen self-locking differential, uses the irreversibility principle of worm gear transmission and the high friction condition of the tooth surface to make the differential according to its internal differential torque ( That is, the size of the internal friction torque of the differential) will automatically lock or loosen, that is, when the differential torque in the differential is small, it will act as a differential, and when the differential torque in the differential is too large It will be automatically locked, which can effectively improve the passing ability of the car.

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