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Silicone Hump Hose


Allows for slight flexibility and expansion in tight or offset applications.

Product info

Hump hoses are used for fine-tuning when building the air intake. These hoses can be bent up to 20 degrees for light bends. They also compensate for slight misalignments of the pipes. Application: Connect your intake manifold to throttle body assemblies, air metering assemblies, intercoolers, BOV pipes or turbo intake/exit ports. Custom compressors, intercoolers or intake ducts for turbo/supercharged cars Custom cold air intakes for non-turbo cars Replace all factory rubber parts These silicone parts can be used in trucks, recreational vehicles, boats or Anything else with an engine.

Features & Benefits:

-Standard Material: Silicone reinfored with Polyester Fabric

-Standard Color: Blue/Red/Black

-Max Temperature: 220℃(428°F)

-Pressure: 0.3-0.9Mpa

-Size tolerance: +/-0.5mm


Part Code Bore mm Bore '' Wall Size PLY
SH50 51 2'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH60 54 2 3/8'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH63 57 2 1/2'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH70 60 2 3/4'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH76 63 3'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH80 65 3 1/8'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH90 68 3 1/2'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4
SH100 70 4'' 4mm or 5mm 3 or 4

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