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Wortec Upgraded Aluminum Oil Pan Kit for VW/Audi 1.8T & 2.0T - Version 2

Your engine’s oil pan is a vital component which stores and supplies oil to your engine. While the factory oil pan may provide an adequate supply of oil to your engine under normal driving conditions, the same cannot be said during spirited driving.

The factory TSI oil pan found on the EA888 and EA888.3 engines lack baffling near the oil pickup. As a result, under hard corning and acceleration oil is pushed away from the oil pickup leading to oil starvation. The Wortec oil pan solves this issue in two ways. First, the oil pan increases oil capacity by approximately one liter (7 Liter total). Second, the oil pan incorporates a wall around the oil pickup which insures the oil pick up will always be submerged in oil.
The Wortec oil pan is constructed out of aluminum which is stronger and more durable than the plastic oil pans found on the EA888.3 engines. By constructing the oil pan from aluminum, Wortec was able to incorporate cooling fins into the oil pan design. As a result, heat is dissipated from the engine oil faster leading to lower oil temperatures.
The Wortec oil pan kit also includes a magnetic drain plug,retains the use of the factory gasket and a sensor block off plate for vehicles not equipped with an oil level sensor.
Version 2
The previous version of the Wortec required a gasket sealant. Not only is a sealant a mess to work with, it also made it difficult to remove. This version 2 now allows the use of the OEM o-ring. This allows ease of installation and removal. In addition, the new version also comes ported and plugged for the use of an oil cooling pump (not included).
  • Lower Oil Temperatures
  • Increased Oil Capacity (Additional Liter)
  • Aluminum Alloy A356 T6
  • Anodized Protective Finish
  • Pre-tapped For Oil Temperature Sensor
  • Uses the Same Factory O-ring (One new o-ring included)
  • Wortec Oil Pan
  • Factory O-ring
  • Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Sensor Block Off Plate (Not needed on cars without oil level sensor)
  • Volkswagen GTI (2006-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf R (2015-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Golf (2006-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta (2006-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Jetta (2006-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Alltrack (2016-2019) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Beetle (2012-2018) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Beetle (2012-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Passat (2012-2018) 1.8T TSI
  • Volkswagen Passat (2012-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Volkswagen Tiguan (2009-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi A3 (2005-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi S3 (2015-2018) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi TT (2008-2015) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi TTS (2018-2019) 2.0T TSI
  • Audi Q3 (2015-2019) 2.0T TSI
Replaced Factory Part #: 06K 103 600R, 06K 103 600G, 06K 103 600AF, 06K 103 600BF, 06K 103 600AA, 06K 103 600D, 06J 103 600AF
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