Limited slip differential and differential lock

In our lives, the roads are generally relatively flat, so it rarely happens that one wheel is limited and the other wheel lacks grip, or that the restriction is not serious and it is easy to get out of trouble. However, for off-road vehicles that often drive on non-paved roads, it is necessary to add a limited slip device to suppress the differential.

The simplest and rude is the differential lock, which closes the differential lock on ordinary roads and allows the differential to play its role normally. In the driving environment with harsh conditions, such as mud, ice, snow, gravel and other road sections, the differential lock can be opened to lock the differential. At this time, the left and right wheels are equivalent to a whole, no matter what the situation, the left and right wheels The output power is the same size, which is convenient for the vehicle to get out of trouble. Therefore, differential locks are common in off-road vehicles.