An exhaust manifold is critical

Its purpose is to get exhaust gases from the engine cylinders. Exhaust manifolds will correctly direct the gases throughout the rest of the exhaust system. It makes sure that that toxic gases from the exhaust do not go inside the vehicle and poison the driver and passengers.

What Is An Exhaust Manifold?

Exhaust manifolds are positioned on a vehicle’s engine, and for most vehicles, it is usually where the exhaust starts.  

It’s made of cast iron metal and used to connect the engine with the other parts of the exhaust system.

The manifold has individual tubes on one side. The tubes connect to each engine cylinder. They then merge into the exhaust manifold and come out the other side as a single tube.

Did you know that engines have intake manifolds too? But they go the other way. From the engine, there is a single starting point for fresh air. This is then split into each separate tube. Then the tubes will split off the manifold. They then take air to each cylinder individually for combustion.

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